Papa Joe's

Naming a quartet is not an easy process.  It's almost like naming a baby.  Everyone has their own ideas and some quartets wrestle with it for a long time. Comedy quartets often come up with something lighthearted (Hot Air Buffoons, Lunch Break, FRED), while serious competition quartets go for a more imposing name that can intimidate their competitors (Max-Q, Masterpiece, Instant Classic).  Some groups select directional names as a nod to their roots (Stockholm Syndrome, Musical Island Boys, The Tulsa Tradition).  A quartet's name is important because it sets the tone for the tenure of that group.  The quartet members hear it every time they are introduced.  The name has meaning and is not to be taken lightly.  You want to be proud of your quartet's name.  Oh, and when a name is finally selected it has to be checked against the Barbershop Harmony Societyís database and you can't use the same name of another, officially registered quartet.  No can do.  Sometimes this forces the group to start from scratch.
So, why the name Papa Joe's?  We wanted something that signified our Senior status without painting us as being totally ancient.  We didn't want anything too silly, and Tom's excellent idea of The Eastern Westchester North Stars, Champions of the Southern League was, shockingly, tossed out of consideration early.  It turns out that our fabulous bass, Joe Ezell, has a boatload of grandkids and they call him . . . of course, Papa Joe.  Bingo!  Done.  The name was not in use so we grabbed it.
We love this hobby!  It grabs you and simply will not let go.  It's even better when sharing it with good friends.

Papa Joe's is...

Tenor - Allen Reynolds

Lead - Ron Montgomery

Bass - Joe Ezell

Bari - Tom Cain